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    401K EASY DOCS
      includes an IRS-approved prototype 401k plan
        that we customize to your company’s specific
          needs and objectives---We provide free help
            with understanding your customization options.

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    401K EASY DOCS

    "Safe Harbor" lets you skip annual 401k discrimination
    testing if your company meets certain requirements
    ---Our "Roth 401k" combines the 'pre-tax' advantages
    of a traditional 401k with the 'after-tax' advantages
    of a Roth IRA.

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    At only $495 per year, 401K EASY DOCS
    is very easy on your budget, year after year---Save
    up to 80% when compared with similar IRS-approved
    401k prototype documents packages available through
    pension consultants, attorneys and accountants.

401k Easy Docs

Our IRS-approved 401k Easy Docs 401k prototype documents package allows for significant customization at an unbelievably low price. Each 401k Easy Docs 401k prototype includes an IRS-approved prototype 401k plan that we customize to your specific needs and objectives.

Ours is NOT a cookie-cutter, take-it-or-leave it, one-size-fits-all document system, like most other prototype plan document packages designed for small businesses.

We offer free help with understanding each of your 401k plan customization options, so you can make educated decisions as to what will be best for your company and its employees.

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